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Hyde Power Potion FAQ

  • How much caffeine is in Hyde Power Potion?

    Hyde Power Potion contains 350mg caffeine per 16oz can.

  • What are the effects of Hyde Power Potion?

    Hyde Power Potion was designed to help increase energy, mental alertness, and overall mood state.

  • Is there an ideal time of day to drink Hyde Power Potion?

    Hyde Power Potion is designed to be used any time that extreme energy or an elevation in mental alertness and focus is desired. Due to the stimulant content in Hyde Power Potion, we do not recommend consuming within 5 hours of bed-time.

  • How and when should HPP be consumed during physical activities?

    Hyde Power Potion is a great option for increasing energy prior to physical activity. For best results, consume Hyde Power Potion 20-30 minutes prior to physical activity.

  • Is this meant as a pre-workout?

    Hyde Power Potion was designed to be the ultimate versatile energy drink. Great for a morning kickstart, mid-day pick me up, or pre-workout option for energizing your training, Hyde Power Potion is a great choice for any scenario.

  • Should I stack Hyde Power Potion with other ProSupps products?

    Hyde Power Potion is a great addition to any supplement stack! However, it is not recommended to stack with other stimulant containing products such as Hyde, Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll, DNPX (Powder and/or Capsules), and Vanish.

  • Are you planning to release more flavors in the future?

    The R&D Team at ProSupps is always on the cutting edge of the latest innovation, including both product technology and new flavors, so new flavors are always a possibility!

  • Is Hyde Power Potion vegetarian-friendly?

    Yes, Hyde Power Potion is made free of animal derived ingredients.

  • Is HPP vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, lactose or dairy-free?

    Hyde Power Potion is formulated to be free of ingredients including gluten, wheat, lactose and dairy.

  • Can I use Hyde Power Potion to help me lose weight?

    While Hyde Power Potion wasn't created for the main purpose of weight loss, it can help indirectly when combined with a proper diet and exercise program. Being a sugar-free, calorie free formula that assists in increasing energy and mental focus, Hyde Power Potion can replace your traditional sugar-containing energy drink or soda (reducing calorie intake), and help provide you with more energy for pushing harder in your workouts to help increase calorie burn.

  • Is Hyde Power Potion suitable for everyone?

    While Hyde Power Potion is created to be a versatile product, it is not intended for those under the age of 18 years old, women who are pregnant, may become pregnant, nursing, those with a medical condition, or those who are sensitive to stimulants. Consult your physician prior to use and always assess your tolerance gradually.

  • Where can I find my favorite flavor?

    Your favorite sports nutrition store, retail store that carries energy drinks or online retailer should have it – and if they don't, demand that they bring it in!